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Tips for Lowering Sugar Intake

From a young age, you learn that sugar is notoriously bad for your teeth. It reacts with your saliva to become acidic, and the acid will start to erode your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth. This will leave your teeth vulnerable to many dental dangers, including tooth decay.

Though you know you should limit your sugar intake, adjusting your diet is hard to do on your own. You can consult with your dentist to find a preventative dental care plan that suits your unique smile. Read on to find three tips from your Claremont, CA dentist on how you can reduce the amount of sugar you consume regularly and protect your smile.

sugar damages dental health

How Can I Cut Sugar from My Diet?

Eliminate Nearby Added Sugar

Many people will keep sugar on their table at home so that they can add a spoonful to sweeten their favorite foods and drinks. Though you may like sugar in your tea or coffee, for instance, this excess sugar can cause major damage to your teeth.

Get rid of table sugar to make a dent in cutting the amount of sugar in your diet. You may also want to keep a log of the food you consume regularly and the sugar content in these items. If certain foods and drinks, like sodas, have a lot of sugar, you might want to eliminate them from your diet.

Adjust Your Recipes

You hold a great deal of control over what goes into your food when you cook for yourself. You can adjust recipes to use less sugar, especially in your baking. Cutting half to three-quarters of the recommended amount of sugar will likely not affect the taste of your meal. But it can make a positive impact on your oral health.

You may also want to consider swapping sugar with alternative flavors like vanilla or almond extract. You can also experiment with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Swapping out sugar from your recipes can lower your risk for many dental issues like cavities.

Prepare for Sugar Cravings

Even if you feel determined to reduce sugar in your diet, you might still experience cravings for sweetness. Do not underestimate how tempting it can be to indulge in sugary treats when these cravings occur.

You should prepare for these cravings ahead of time. Buy healthy snacks that do not contain added sugar and keep them on hand for these instances. These precautionary measures are not a sign of weakness in your resolve. It solidifies your dedication to good oral health habits.

Dried fruit and nuts can help you stay on track when it comes to your diet. Crunchy foods like nuts have the additional benefits of boosting your oral hygiene. The hard texture will scrape away plaque from your teeth as you eat them. Your dentist can help you prevent dental emergencies and protect your teeth when you consult with them at your next appointment.