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Dental Erosion or Tooth Decay?

Your teeth are strong, enduring wear and tear from chewing and biting without issue ordinarily. You might know that a dental injury could harm your teeth, but they might also wear down gradually over time. This can occur in a…


Why Patients Love Claremont Dental Institute

Are you looking for a dentist with expertise in implant dentistry and oral surgery? A dental practice that also values holistic approaches to dental care and provides high-quality preventative dentistry? Look no further than Claremont Dental Institute for general, cosmetic,…


The Importance of Routine Dental Care

As soon as we start growing our first baby teeth, we begin seeing our dentists on a regular basis. When we get older, we might wonder if these routine visits to our dentists’ offices are worth the hassle of scheduling…


Discover the Dental Crown Process

Have you sustained structural damage to a tooth? Your dentist can restore its shape, appearance, and health using a dental fixture called a crown. The dental crown fits over a tooth, giving it a durable structure once again along with…


Tips for Lowering Sugar Intake

From a young age, you learn that sugar is notoriously bad for your teeth. It reacts with your saliva to become acidic, and the acid will start to erode your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth. This will leave…


When to Visit Your Dentist’s Office

From the moment we begin growing baby teeth in infancy, we start going to the dentist for regular appointments. But as we reach adulthood, we begin to wonder if seeing the dentist outside of an emergency is worth disrupting our…


Can Oral Health Problems Cause Headaches?

Have you been suffering from frequent headaches? Pounding pain in your head can be debilitating. It can stem from a number of health problems, including issues with your teeth. If you have been neglecting your dental health, you may have…


Protect Your Jaw After Tooth Loss

If you have lost one or more teeth, you may notice difficulties with your typical oral functions. If you do not seek treatment from your dentist after tooth loss, you may suffer further complications in your dental health, such as…


How Does Mouthwash Help My Smile?

To keep our smiles healthy, we clear plaque and other harmful residues with proper oral hygiene practices. You can do more to keep your teeth clean and fresh feeling besides brushing your teeth and flossing. Mouthwash provides oral health advantages…


Avoid Foods That Break Your Teeth

Your teeth undergo wear and tear every day without issue, but abnormally high pressures may cause teeth to crack, chip, or fracture. Biting down on hard-textured food items could lead to this type of dental damage, which will require prompt…