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Ceramic Dental Implants Claremont, CA

Claremont Dental Institute offers 100% metal-free ceramic dental implants for a holistic solution to your missing teeth. We provide our patients with missing teeth the most natural solution available in modern implant dentistry. A leader in ceramic dental implants, our team helps patients achieve natural, lasting results using implant dentistry.

What Are CeraRoot Dental Implants?

CeraRoot ceramic dental implants are a biocompatible, holistic treatment option. The process produces a natural-looking mouth after tooth loss.

Ceramic dental implants have the same benefits as traditional dental implants. They look real and they are resistant to corrosion. However, ceramic does not trigger metal allergies. Ultra-strong ceramic implants support a stable oral foundation and optimal function of the bite and jaw.

Ceramic implants provide long-lasting results that look and feel like natural teeth. The success of CeraRoot ceramic implants is because of the implant’s ability to withstand masticatory system forces. CeraRoot zirconia implants mimic the contours and bioinert composition of natural human teeth and simulate natural bite function.

The ceramic material integrates entirely into the jaw bone creating a stable bond. The zirconia material is resistant to corrosion and is less sensitive to changes in temperature versus titanium dental implants.

Zirconia 100% ceramic implants are white for a more aesthetic result. Their white color is ideal for older patients or patients with translucent or receding gum lines. You will not have to worry about gum discoloration either.

Dental Implants For Patients With Titanium Allergy

Ceramic dental implants make it possible for patients with allergies or compromised immune systems to replace missing teeth. CeraRoot zirconia implants are hypoallergenic and safe for patients with sensitivity or allergies.

For some patients, sensitivity to metal only becomes apparent after the placement of a metal implant. Patients may experience itchy gums, irritation, or a failure of the metal implant leaving patients susceptible to bone loss.

Patients with allergies or compromised immune systems may consider a MELISA test prior to choosing an implant system.

“Ceramic Implants offer an alternative esthetic solution to treat patients with specific needs. Many patients are increasingly health conscious and express their explicit wish for a metal-free alternative. Ceramic Implants are a great solution here and serve the foundation for a beautiful, healthy new smile.”

—Dr. Steve Fountain

Holistic Solutions for Missing Teeth

CeraRoot dental implants are an ideal option for patients who adhere to holistic lifestyle practices. CeraRoot ceramic implants are bioinert and do not prevent the movement of energy throughout the body.

The one-piece design of the ceramic implant helps reduce the build-up of oral bacteria that can occur with the slight and gradual movement of metal implants. Ceramic implants prevent the release of toxins and bacteria into the body helping to prevent inflammation around the implant.

They’re becoming more common as their strength and aesthetic benefits become more obvious. Ceramic CeraRoot dental implants help build a stable oral foundation for optimal function, overall health, and a beautiful smile.

CeraRoot ceramic implants at Claremont Dental Institute

Claremont CA implant dentistry with Dr. Vijay Patel

The CeraRoot Dental Implant Process

Our dentists will recommend CeraRoot implants for patients who have just recently lost their teeth. We place these implants during the same appointment as your tooth extraction(s).

The one-stage placement of the dental implants minimizes discomfort and maximizes the success of the dental implant. Sufficient bone and healthy gums are essential at the implant site for a secure and lasting result.

Claremont Dental Institute provides thorough consultations, medical history evaluations, and dental health exams to determine which implant procedure will provide optimal results. We handle all phases of treatment in-house from the comfort of our Claremont, CA, dental office.

Our team of dentists works cooperatively to provide comprehensive dentistry for missing tooth replacement under one roof.

CeraRoot ceramic implants provide a shorter implant process than metal implants. Metal implants require separate visits for each piece of the restoration. CeraRoot options are more streamlined and help reduce the number of necessary visits.

When compared to traditional dental implants, patients enjoy a shorter implant process. Along with the potential for a significant increase in comfort and function afterward. Nothing matches the biocompatibility and the strength of the zirconia implant.

ceramic dental implant claremont ca metal free ceramic dental implant

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ceramic implants last?

On average ceramic dental implants last anywhere from 10-15 years. Patients’ diet and oral care routine can make them last longer.

Why use ceramic dental implants?

Ceramic dental implants, drastically reduce the concern of bacteria and plaque forming on the surface. Gum recession and swelling is also not an issue when using ceramic dental prosthetics.

What is one of the disadvantages of ceramic dental implants?

One disadvantage of ceramic dental implants is that they are not as elastic as other types of dental implants. Ceramic implants can crack easier than natural teeth. However, they are still as strong as your natural tooth enamel.