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Dental Implants Claremont, CA

Are you missing teeth? Are you looking for a natural way to restore your smile after tooth loss?

Dental implants are the “gold standard” for long-term replacement for missing teeth. Implant dentistry offers stable solutions for tooth replacement. Dental implants integrate with the jaw bone creating a secure hold and promoting natural bone tissue regeneration.

They can be used to replace a single missing tooth with a dental crown, or multiple implants can be used to anchor a dental bridge or denture into place.

Dr. Steve Fountain has advanced training in implant dentistry. With over 20 years of experience, our implant dentists remain on the cutting edge of implant technology and advancements in technique and materials. Dr. Fountain and his team can provide you with dental implants in Claremont, CA.

We use the latest digital imaging and guided implant placement to help our patients optimize healthy bone tissue, improve the fit of their dental restoration, and enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth system that consists of several parts. Designed to mimic the natural ingenuity of a human tooth, dental implants are the most natural solution for replacing missing teeth. The three basic parts of an implant restoration include the restoration, the abutment, and the implant post.

dental implants replace missing teeth

The Restoration

Depending on the number and location of your missing teeth, your dentist will design a dental crown, bridge, or denture that anchors to the dental implant post(s). Dental restorations are customized based on several design factors, including the structure of your face, the color, shape, and size of your adjacent teeth, and your personal cosmetic goals.

The Abutment

An abutment is used on single dental implants to secure the dental crown. Ceramic implants are a single piece and do not require an abutment.

The Implant Post

Implant posts are made from several different types of materials including biocompatible titanium and zirconia ceramic. We offer both titanium and ceramic dental implants in Claremont, CA for our patients. Dental implant posts are surgically implanted into the jaw bone. Patients will receive one or several implants where there’s optimal healthy bone tissue.

The post acts as a replacement root system and naturally bonds to the empty root socket creating a stable base for the dental restoration.

Benefits of Dental Implant Secured Restorations

  • Improves the fit of the restoration
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Creates a natural, beautiful smile
  • Eat a diet without restriction
  • Supports bone retention and facial integrity
  • Helps prevent additional tooth loss
  • Reduces risk of gum disease

Implant-supported Dentures

dental implant-secured denture with Implant dentist in Claremont CA

Patients who currently struggle with an ill-fit denture can benefit from asking their dentist if they are eligible for implants. Dental implants help prevent the denture’s slipping and improve the bite’s force and function.

Implant-supported dental restorations provide added support and boost patients’ self-confidence. Bridges and dentures supported by implants fit better, feel more comfortable, and look like a natural smile. Implant-supported dentures allow patients to enjoy a more varied diet and can enjoy healthy options like vegetables and fruit.

Teeth In a Day: All On Four Dental Implants

The All-on-Four dental implant system allows patients to receive a full set of implant-supported dentures in just one visit to our Claremont, CA, dental institute. Patients enjoy a stable, beautiful smile with as few as four dental implants.

All-On-Four requires the strategic placement of the four implants that will optimize healthy bone tissue while creating a stable foundation for the denture. Dr. Fountain utilizes state of the art digital imaging and software to plan the All-On-Four implant placement phase.

Our lab custom creates a natural-looking set of beautiful, fully functioning teeth to be placed on your implants.

The titanium implants will fuse to your jawbone during the following weeks, creating a strong, long-lasting solution for your new teeth.

Three Steps To A Beautiful New Smile

The dental implant process will require several appointments, surgery, and healing time. You should expect it to take several months up to a year. The exact time frame depends on your unique needs. If you require preparatory treatments, such as gum disease treatment or tooth extractions, the process could take longer.

Your Implant Consultation

The first step in receiving dental implants is an implant consultation with Dr. Fountain or Dr. Patel. During your consultation, your dentist will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants and which type of implant is right for you. Your dentist will help explain the full implant procedure and outline realistic expectations and results.

You will be allowed to ask questions to feel fully prepared for your procedure. This phase includes precise planning for the placement of your implants. We use advanced CT scanning to optimize healthy bone tissue for more successful results.

The Surgical Placement

The next step is the surgical implantation phase. Dr. Fountain or Dr. Patel will surgically implant the post into the healthy bone tissue. Dental implant posts typically take anywhere from 3-6 months to heal.

During this time, osseointegration will take place. The dental implant integrates into the jaw bone, creating a stable foundation for your new smile.

The Final Restoration

Once the post has healed, your dentist will begin the design phase for your final dental restoration. Your dental restoration will be custom designed based on your facial esthetic for a natural and beautiful result.

Our highly skilled dentists can create dental restorations that look exactly like your natural teeth, creating a seamless flow between your existing teeth and your new prosthetic teeth.

“Do you suffer from cracked, worn or failing teeth? As Southern California’s premiere implant dentist, I can give you back your smile. People from around the world trust our team to provide permanent teeth that look, feel and function like strong natural teeth. Call me today for a free consultation. I’ll walk you through the entire procedure, including cost.”
—Dr. Vijay Patel

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