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Our dentists offer dentures to restore a patients’ smile after tooth loss. High-quality dentures can help patients regain the function and beauty of their smile, boosting self-confidence and oral health.

Claremont Dental Institute provides patients with comfortable, stable, and affordable dentures that look and feel like natural teeth. We fabricate dentures near you in our in-house dental lab using digital technology and imaging for improved results.

This allows us to fine-tune and really pay attention to detail to create a better-fitting denture for you. Our dentures do more than replace your missing teeth. They can help restore your confidence and improve the quality of your life.

When designing dentures, our prosthodontist takes your entire facial structure, color, size, and your personal preferences into consideration. We use modern dental materials that allow for a more natural-looking denture that fits your facial aesthetics.

At the end of the day, you will get a modern denture that feels good improves your long-term oral wellness.

We Offer Several Types of Dentures in Claremont, CA

We Offer Several Types of Dentures in Claremont, CA

Our Claremont Dental Institute dentist will help you find the denture that is best for you. There are several types of dentures that we offer. We will take your budget, cosmetic goals, and oral health into consideration to recommend the right denture for you. Here are some common denture prosthetics that we offer:

  • Partial dentures: We can provide a partial denture to replace several consecutively missing teeth. The dentist custom-designs the partial denture to fit snugly into your mouth. We will make sure it matches your bite and helps protect adjacent teeth from damage or loss.
  • Complete dentures (Fixed dentures): We will provide a complete denture to replace a full arch or full set of missing teeth. A full set of dentures is ideal for a quick way to restore missing teeth. It can bring back the beauty and function of your smile in just a few weeks.
  • Implant-Supported denture or partial denture: For some patients, dental implants can secure a denture in place to improve oral health and the stability of the denture.

About Dental Implant-Secured Dentures

When choosing dentures, some patients may opt for securing the denture using dental implants. Qualifying patients can benefit from implant-supported dentures in many ways. Dental implants help to promote healthy bone growth and prevent facial sagging often associated with tooth loss. Dental implant-secured dentures make it possible for edentulous patients to enjoy a healthy, varied diet without restriction.

implant-secured dentures in Claremont CA

Our oral surgeon places the dental implant posts into healthy bone tissue and allows them to fuse with the jaw. The implants create a stable foundation that anchors the denture in place. Best of all, dental implants reduce or eliminate the embarrassment of loose dentures prone to slipping!

The implants provide strong and stable support for the dentures, allowing you to speak and chew with ease. They also keep your jawbone strong and healthy by providing stimulation to your jaw while you eat. This reduces the risk of bone atrophy that can accompany traditional dentures.

Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable and may slip. Implant-secured permanent dentures are strong, natural looking, and comfortable to wear all day long.

Denture Relining Services Claremont, CA

Your denture may be slightly uncomfortable at first, and you may take some time to adjust. Over time, dentures expand, and your jaw may change shape. As this occurs, you may find variance in the fit of the denture.

We provide our patients with in-house relining services to improve the comfort of their dentures. We use state-of-the-art digital technology to provide comfortable, seamless-fitting dentures.

  • Soft reline: A soft reline is a preferred method of relining the denture. Our dentist will add a liquid polymer layer to the denture to add extra padding and comfort. Our dentist will work with you to create a comfortable fit. He will take the time to make minor adjustments until the denture feels right to you.
  • Hard reline: For more permanent results patients may choose to reshape their denture with a hard reline. Hard relining uses a more dense, durable material to reshape the denture. We can also use hard relining to repair cracks in your denture. This will help you avoid the cost of a new denture.

Dentures FAQs

These answers aim to address the most common questions about dentures, providing a solid foundation of understanding for those considering this type of dental restoration. If you have additional questions or concerns about dentures, please contact our office Monday through Friday during our business hours.

What are the benefits of having an implant-secured denture?

An implant-secured denture offers a higher level of stability and security compared to traditional, removable dentures. Implant-secured dentures will save you money in the long run, as they do not require constant adjustments and replacements. They also increase comfort and functionality, as they move at the same rate as natural teeth.

What dangers does tooth loss pose to my oral health?

Losing a majority of your teeth can often mean relying on a diet of primarily soft foods, reducing nutritional intake. In addition, you can have trouble speaking clearly and people understanding you.

The loss of tooth roots also means the body stops sending doses of calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone. Without these nutrients, the jawbone will dissolve and lead to facial collapse which causes a significantly older appearance.

How much does an implant-secured denture cost?

The cost of an implant-secured denture will depend on a few factors. Factors such as the type of dental implant, the number of implant posts, and the materials for the denture itself. Generally speaking, it will cost more than a traditional denture.

How do full dentures work?

Traditional full dentures are removable and replace all of your teeth. They consist of an acrylic base that mimics the look of natural gum tissue. There is also a full row of lifelike teeth and the prosthetic holds in place with natural suction.

Can dental implants permanently support dentures?

Yes. Our oral surgeon can surgically insert multiple implant posts into your jaw to support the new prosthetic. The oral surgeon permanently attaches the denture in place, meaning you don’t need to remove it for soaking or maintenance. The implants can also stimulate jawbone growth, helping you avoid the onset of facial collapse.

Claremont Dental Institute is home to a team of expert restorative dentists. We offer several kinds of dentures in Claremont, CA for patients missing several teeth or a whole row of teeth on the top or bottom arch. If you are interested in learning more about them, you can call (909) 277-6919 to book a consultation with him. You can also request an appointment online by filling out the provided form.