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Dental Implant Cost Claremont, CA

When inquiring about dental implants, the first thing people often ask about is the cost. Unfortunately, that question is not so easy to answer. The dental implant cost for you may be completely different from the last implant patient. First, we will need to conduct a dental exam to evaluate your current condition. This will give you a general idea of how much it will cost to have your teeth replaced with an implant-secured restoration.

During your consultation at Claremont Dental Institute located in Claremont, CA, one of our expert implant dentists will take note of:

  • The number of missing or damaged teeth that you have.
  • The former location of those teeth in your mouth.
  • The current state of your oral health.

These things will help Dr. Fountain determine the best materials and procedures that will give you a new, complete smile.

dental implants claremont ca

Influences that Determine The Cost of Dental Implants

After your consultation, your dentist will have a firm grasp on what materials and procedures you will need that will affect the total dental implant cost. There are many things that will influence the final price including:

The type of implant posts used– There are a few different types of implant posts available. Our Claremont, CA dental implant experts use implant posts made from biocompatible titanium or zirconia ceramic. During your consultation, we will determine which type of implant post is best for your needs.

The number of implants needed to secure the restoration– The number of implants you will need surgically placed is determined by the number of missing teeth you have, their location, and the type of restoration you need. The more implants you have placed, the more it will cost you.

The type of dental restoration you will need– The location of your missing teeth will determine which restoration you will need. For a single missing tooth, we will use a dental crown. For multiple missing teeth, we will use a dental bridge, partial denture, or full denture implants.

Whether or not you need any preparatory procedures completed– Many times our patients will require procedures and treatments before they can begin the implant process. These may include periodontal therapy for patients who have gum disease, a bone graft for patients who suffer from bone loss, and teeth extractions for decayed or damaged teeth.

These preparatory procedures will increase the total cost but are necessary to guarantee successful implantation.

Dental Implant Cost: A Starting Point

To give you a rough idea of the cost of dental implants, the average cost of a single implant secured dental crown is $4,000. For a complete set of dentures that dental implants support, the total cost is between $35,000 and $60,000. These are simply industry averages and will change based on each patient’s unique circumstances.

As you can see, the price may be overwhelming. Our dental staff is ready to help you financially plan for your dental implants. We work one-on-one with you to help you understand the cost and to find the appropriate payment option to fit your budget.

Teeth implants are the only option available that will look, function, and feel like your natural teeth. They are better for your oral health and offer a better quality of life. With proper care, they should last a lifetime making them a great investment.

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