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Multiple Dental Implants Claremont, CA

Complete Your Smile Again!

People who are missing many teeth will need to consider their options for replacement as soon as possible. Years of poor oral hygiene or even trauma can cause tooth loss or force a patient to get extractions. Replacing your multiple missing teeth will prevent bone loss, issues with chewing food, and restore your mouth.

At Claremont Dental Institute, Dr. Steve Fountain provides you with the information you need to make an informed decision. If a patient qualifies, he will recommend multiple dental implants for a stable solution to tooth loss.

dental implants for replacing many lost teeth in Claremont California

Dr. Steve Fountain has years of experience and advanced training with implant dentistry. He utilizes advanced dental technology and precise treatment planning to deliver superior results. He can complete every step of the dental implant process at our Claremont, CA, dental office.

Each patient that seeks our care for missing teeth is unique. Fortunately, we can offer many solutions such as a removable partial denture or a fixed dental bridge. For patients that qualify, getting a dental implant prosthetic over the traditional methods is much better.

Dental implants are not just any artificial teeth. A dental implant prosthetic will give you a more natural-looking mouth versus fixed bridges or dentures.

Replacing Teeth using Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth because they look and function like natural teeth. Implants will actually prevent the jaw bone from deteriorating because they replace the teeth roots. This will prevent the face from sagging or appearing sunken.

They are more durable, allowing for a greater biting force which means no diet restrictions! The number and location of your lost teeth will determine which type of restoration(s) you need.

Dental Implant Supported Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a set of prosthetic teeth that replace several missing teeth. An implant-supported bridge is appropriate when a patient has many missing teeth that are consecutive. Using two or more implants, we can replace three or more teeth.

In this case, we will surgically place the two or more dental implants on each side of the gap. We will complete the process with a custom dental bridge once you have healed and the implant posts have fused with the surrounding bone.

Several Implant-Supported Dental Crowns

If you are missing a few teeth that are not consecutive or two consecutive teeth, then your dentist might use several implant-secured crowns. He will set a single dental implant in the former root canal location for each missing tooth. Then he will compete the restoration using a custom-made dental crown.

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Traditional Teeth Replacement Options

A removable partial denture or fixed dental bridges are the traditional methods most dentists use to replace teeth. A partial denture uses metal clasps to hold the replacement teeth in place. Unfortunately, you may be able to see those metal clasps when you smile. They also require lots of extra time-consuming care and maintenance.

A fixed dental bridge requires your dentist to grind-down two adjacent teeth to accommodate the two dental crowns on either end of the bridge. This will weaken the teeth and possibly even cause damage. While both of these options cost less than dental implants, they will not deliver the same superior results.