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Gentle Wave: A New Kind of Dental Treatment

Traditional root canal procedures are a thing of the past with the GentleWave® procedure. GentleWave® is an alternative to more invasive techniques. The method was created with patient comfort at the forefront.

Claremont Dental Institute now offers GentleWave® to our patients for clean and long-lasting results. Many patients believe root canal treatments are invasive and painful, but GentleWave® dispels these myths.

Gentle Wave: A New Kind of Dental Treatment

Root Canal Myths

Some of the myths about root canal procedures persist today. Patients think that the procedure can be:

  • Painful
  • Uncomfortable
  • Frightening

However, GentleWave® can change the way you think about root canal therapy. The procedure quickly and comfortably disinfects teeth and can keep them healthy for a long time.

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Some symptoms of a root canal infection include gum swelling, severe tooth pain, and tooth sensitivity to heat and cold. The dentist must remove infected pulp, made of nerves and blood vessels and found inside the tooth, to thoroughly clean and disinfect the tooth. Cleaning and disinfecting the tooth prevents further infection and tooth loss.

The GentleWave® Ultra-cleaning Procedure

First, our dentist at Claremont Dental Institute will assess your tooth and gum health. The dentist removes infected tissue from inside the tooth using fluid dynamics, water, sound-waves, and a sterilized utensil. A minimally invasive procedure, GentleWave® effectively cleans throughout the root canal system and microscopic system to save natural teeth.

We will keep your tooth structure intact to ensure optimal oral health and stability post-treatment. This procedure also thoroughly disinfects all your teeth and keeps bacteria at bay.

Our dentists can complete a GentleWave® procedure in just one visit to our dental office in Claremont, CA. To learn more about the procedure and patient’s experiences with GentleWave®, visit Root canals.

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GentleWave® delivers results that keep your teeth in their clean and natural state. If you’re looking for a fresh change from a traditional root canal procedure, schedule an appointment with our professionals at Claremont Dental Institute. Call (909) 277-6919, or schedule an appointment with us online.