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Is Tooth Sensitivity a Dental Emergency?

If you have ever been enjoying ice cream and noticed a jolt of pain in your tooth when biting into it, then you have experienced tooth sensitivity. The sensation is unpleasant but seems to fade if the tooth is not stimulated.

Tooth pain of any kind is abnormal and should be evaluated by a dentist promptly as it might signify a larger dental problem. Claremont Dental Institute, a dental practice in Claremont, CA, provides information about tooth sensitivity and the emergency dental care you may require.

emergency dental care available in Claremont California

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

The surface of your tooth is called enamel and covers an underlying layer of dentin. Dentin contains nerves. These nerves are the sensors for your brain that detect pain and discomfort.

The resulting shock of pain is called tooth sensitivity and is a result of thinned or weakened enamel that exposes the dentin to potential stimulants. Enamel can wear away due to poor oral hygiene, harsh teeth brushing, or factors beyond a patient’s control, such as aging. Once enamel is gone, it cannot regrow on its own.

When Should I Call My Dentist About Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is often a symptom of a severe dental problem. Cavities, gum disease, and worn fillings can all cause sensitivity pain and require a dentist’s intervention to repair.

Even if your enamel has worn away without a larger dental issue’s influence, it still must be treated by a dentist to alleviate the pain. Your tooth could be at risk of further dental harm, so contact your dentist if you experience tooth pain.

What Dental Treatment Can I Expect?

Treatment for tooth sensitivity depends on the root cause of the pain. Your dentist can evaluate the causation of your sensitivity during an exam. Minor sensitivity may be relieved by brushing your teeth with desensitizing toothpaste. Cavities will require a dentist to remove tooth decay and fill the cavity.

Severe damage may need restorative treatment with a dental crown. The crown can replace enamel and shield exposed dentin, stopping external stimulation and alleviating tooth sensitivity pain.

Emergency dental care is available in Claremont, CA at Claremont Dental Institute. Call us at 909-277-6919, or contact our office online.