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Risks of Untreated Cavities

Cavities are holes in your teeth that occur due to decay in your enamel. Some patients do not notice any symptoms when they have a cavity, while others experience tooth sensitivity. Your dentist can locate a cavity during a routine dental cleaning, but scheduling a follow-up appointment can feel like a hassle. However, untreated cavities can allow tooth decay to worsen significantly. Dr. Vijay Patel, a dentist in Claremont, CA, describes several examples of untreated cavities becoming a dental emergency.emergency dentist claremont ca

Broken teeth

Teeth are durable and designed to endure the wear and tear of daily routine without damage. But when cavities eat holes into the surface of your teeth, your teeth no longer have a stable foundation. This increases the possibility of teeth breaking or cracking. A broken tooth can be painful, and patients will seek immediate emergency treatment from a dental professional. Repair through dental bonding or a crown can be expensive. It will save you time, money, and pain to treat cavities as soon as possible.

Teeth infection

When tooth enamel erodes, decay can expose the root of the tooth. Bacteria have room to infect the tooth and surrounding gums. Symptoms include soreness, inflammation, and swelling of the affected area. A tooth infection can spread to other systems in your body and cause additional health concerns. The infection may give you a fever which can be dangerous if left untreated. Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. If there is an abscess, it will need to be drained which can be uncomfortable.

Nerve damage

Untreated tooth decay can pervade through the surface of your teeth and into the root. Damage to the nerve can be excruciating for a patient. Your dentist may have to perform root canal therapy to remove the affected pulp. This treatment should relieve painful symptoms. Extensive nerve damage can cause the tooth to die, in which case it may need to be extracted from your mouth. This may lead you to seek tooth replacement treatment, which can become expensive. Early treatment of cavities will avoid these issues before they become emergencies.

Emergency dentist appointments available in Claremont, CA

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