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Afraid of the dentist? Strong gag reflex? Fear of needles?

Fear of the dentist and dental anxiety are leading causes of poor oral health among adults today. Claremont Dental Institute has solutions for your fear with a range of dental sedation options offered in a compassionate environment.

Dr. Vijay Patel is one of few local dentists who can offer fearful and anxious dental patients the option of IV sedation, performed and monitored in our office by an anesthesiologist.

Sedation dentistry can help you restore your smile and your quality of life- many patients can receive multiple treatments during one visit while relaxing comfortably under sedation.

sedation dentistry claremont ca
sedation dentist claremont ca

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental sedation has opened the door for patients who have a phobia of medical offices, loud noises or the close contact required to perform most dental procedures. We can offer sedation for any dental procedure depending on your needs and overall physical health.

Our Claremont dental practice offers conscious sedation that can enable patients to be responsive during treatment while also feeling stress-free and relaxed. We offer:

  • Oral conscious sedation: prescribed in pill form
  • Nitrous Oxide: inhalation sedation known as "laughing gas"

Why Choose Claremont Dental Institute?

sedation dentist dr. vijay patel

Claremont Dental Institute is a leading local dental practice for comprehensive, state of the art oral health care. Dr. Vijay Patel and our associates work as a team to address your concerns, aesthetic goals and dental health maintenance needs under one roof.

With over 75 years of combined experience and a sustained commitment to continuing education, you can feel confident in the care you receive in our office. We take the time to get to know our patients as individuals as part of establishing a lasting relationship as a partner in your healthcare.

Patient education and communication are important pillars of our dentistry with the goal of empowering patients to understand and make educated decisions in regards to their oral health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to arrange for transportation if I am being sedated?

If you have been prescribed an oral sedative that includes an at home dose, are going to be receiving oral sedation or being sedated with IV sedation you will need to be escorted to and from your appointment. Nitrous Oxide takes effect and wears off almost immediately and most patients can drive themselves to and from.

Is IV sedation safe for all patients?

Before administering any sedation your dentist will discuss your medical history, overall health condition and any previous experiences with sedation. Most patients are candidates for the sedation of their choice. Your safety is our primary concern and all patients being sedated are monitored carefully.

Does dental sedation have any side effects?

Patients may feel groggy or have trouble concentrating for several hours after being sedated, but otherwise, dental sedation is well tolerated by most patients. We will discuss your health history before you are sedated to be sure the type of sedation recommended is safe for you.

Payment Options for Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation may be covered in part by your dental health benefits. We will work with you to determine the total cost to you and present suitable sedation options for your consideration.

Claremont Dental Institute will file your insurance claim at the time of your visit and also offers a range of convenient payment options for costs not covered and patients without dental insurance, including major credit cards and HSA/FSA funds.

Financing Your Dental Care

For many patients and families, financing their dental care costs makes it easy to budget these expenses monthly. We participate with several companies providing low-interest healthcare loans:

  • CareCredit
  • Lending Tree
  • Citi Health Card

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