Our Recent Smile Transformations

An Amazing Smile is Contagious



Our new patient had just met a friend his age at lunch and saw that his friend looked so different. Suddenly it dawned on him to ask him what he had changed .

His friend just smiled and pointed to his teeth .

For two weeks the patient just kept looking at his own smile in the mirror and finally could not stand it anymore. The next day he called Dr. Patel for a Smile Consultation.  

Dr. Patel designed, crafted and affixed 14 dental veneers to enhance his new patient's smile.  What an amazing transformation - younger, healthier looking with the confidence that comes from a great smile.  Our patient loves it and now just cannot stop smiling!




Dental Implant Facelift

"Dajka, a pretty lady arrived at our office for a consult. Her chief complaint was ill- fitting upper dentures and a collapse of facial musculature. Overall she was unhappy with her smile.

We discussed what a facial lift with teeth can do, especially if she was to allow us to insert some implants.

We went on to restore her upper arch with 4 implants and an over denture with teeth placed at the correct height, enhancing and supporting her facial musculature.

The immense change it makes to a patient is incredible. From having lips that showcase her new smile to the increase in nose-to-chin distance, giving a surgical facelift-like impression of facial muscles stretching."

Dr. Patel
Claremont Dental Institute
February 21, 2017