Periodontics Keep Your Mouth Healthy

At Claremont Dental Institute, we want your smile to leave a positive, lasting impression.

Our team of dedicated oral health professionals works hard to keep your mouth healthy.

One of the many services we offer at our office is care of the gums, or periodontics, in Claremont, CA.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Bacteria from plaque is a common cause of gum disease. Toxins from plaque cause your gums to turn red, swell, and recede.

If these toxins are not removed, they will erode teeth and parts of the jaw.

Defective fillings, poorly fitted bridges, and badly aligned teeth can also cause gum disease.

What are the treatments for Gum Disease?

Both Carla and Dr. Fountain took special care by listening to why I was there and going through the different aspects of what they needed to do to find the cause of my teeth and gum pain. It was a big relief to get their excellent dental care. Now I am enjoying my Christmas Season, knowing my dental life is under control.
— Divina H

Based on the stage of the disease, we may recommend a variety of gum disease treatments. At the non-surgical level, we offer the following treatments:

  • Dental cleaning: If you are at risk for gum disease, or display early warning signs, a typical check up with one of our hygienists will remove plaque along the gum line.
  • Deep-tooth cleaning: If you have hard plaque building up around the gums that needs removing, we perform deep-teeth cleaning. While this is non-surgical, we put patients under anesthesia while we scrape away rough spots on the gum (hard plaque). The smooth surface allows the gums to reattach to the teeth.

If you have an advanced stage of gum disease, we may recommend one of the following surgical treatments:

  • Bone surgery:  Advanced gum disease reaches bones in the mouth and creates shallow craters, or bone loss. Bone surgery fills in the craters and makes it hard for bacteria to regrow.
  • Soft tissue grafts: When the gums recede, this procedure adds tissue to reinforce affected areas.
  • Pocket reduction: With this surgery, we remove tartar that forms under the gums.
  • Guided tissue regeneration: When bone is completely destroyed by gum disease, guided tissue regeneration stimulates gum tissue and bone growth.

When to See a Periodontist

A periodontist is a dentist specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections and diseases in the soft tissues surrounding the teeth, and the jawbone to which the teeth are anchored. 

Periodontists have to train an additional three years beyond the four years of regular dental school, and are familiar with the most advanced techniques necessary to treat periodontal disease and place dental implants.  Periodontists also perform a vast range of cosmetic procedures to enhance the smile to its fullest extent.

“Gingivitis or periodontal disease can become quite a problem for your teeth, and health. Our periodontic practice is expert at helping patients. If you see symptoms of bleeding gums, halitosis (bad breath), loose teeth or gum recession, please let us help get your mouth health again."
—Dr. Vijay Patel

Whether you hope to prevent or treat gum disease, we can help. To schedule an appointment form for gingivitis treatment in Claremont, Montclair, Pomona or surrounding areas, call Claremont Dental Institute at (909) 625-4101.