Claremont's Denture Expert

Dental patients at any age may lose teeth due to decay, gum disease, neglect, injury, or medical problems. Without teeth, the consequences can be profound. Missing teeth inhibit your self-esteem, speech, and the ability to eat.

At Claremont Dental Institute, we offer quality dentures that replace missing teeth and improve your appearance and oral health. Utilizing our in house lab and state of art technology, we can make dentures in just one day. Your teeth will be beautiful, healthy, and long lasting so that you can look and feel better.  

“Dentures do more than replace missing teeth—they can help restore confidence and improve the quality of your life."
—Dr. Vijay Patel

Denture Options

Dentures come in a variety of different materials and styles. Our options include:

  • Partial dentures. Partial dentures are false teeth designed to help those who have lost less than half of their teeth. Our unique fittings not only give you a perfect smile, but also promote the health of your remaining teeth.
  • Complete dentures. Complete dentures are meant for total tooth loss from mouth disease or old age. A new set of complete dentures can help bring back your smile in no time.

Denture Relining

Even the best fitting dentures can feel awkward at first. Our expert denture relining in Claremont, CA, resizes dentures when they start to give you problems.  Our in house technology provides unmatched quality and capabilities, including:

  • Soft reline. This process is preferred by most denture wearers. A liquid polymer is added to provide extra cushion. During the appointment, your input will help achieve your comfort.
  • Hard reline. A hard reline reshapes the dentures in a similar way, but is done with hard materials. The result is more permanent.

Denture relining is also an effective way to repair cracks and avoid the cost of new dentures.


If you are considering dentures, call us at (909) 625-4101 to talk over your options with our team.

Come prepared to ask about the procedure, the length of time it will take to heal, and what you can expect with dentures.

The staff is super friendly! I don’t have dental insurance and the staff was very understanding. They broke down the work I needed done in stages so that I could take care of my teeth and not feel stressed over the cost.

— Denise B