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Discover the Dental Crown Process

Have you sustained structural damage to a tooth? Your dentist can restore its shape, appearance, and health using a dental fixture called a crown. The dental crown fits over a tooth, giving it a durable structure once again along with protection from further harm.

Though you may know a crown can improve your oral health, you might feel nervous to undergo dental work. It might make you feel at ease in the dentist’s chair when you know what will occur during this treatment. Read on to learn more about the multi-step process behind restoring a tooth with a dental crown.

restore damaged teeth with dental crowns

Step-by-Step: Receiving Dental Crowns

Evaluating Oral Health

Before beginning the dental crown treatment, a dentist will thoroughly examine the affected tooth as well as the surrounding area of the mouth. They will determine if you need additional dental work, such as drilling of tooth decay, before giving you a dental crown.

The dentist will also determine if a dental crown is in fact the best treatment to restore your smile. Some patients might need alternative restorative dental solutions to get their smile looking and feeling its best again. This initial consult is a good time to ask questions about your specific dental care.

Preparing the Affected Tooth

If you and your dentist agree to pursue treatment with a dental crown, the dentist will start the process by preparing the affected tooth. This will entail shaving a minute amount of enamel from the tooth to make room for the cap.

Your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to ensure you stay comfortable during this process. Once enamel is gone, it does not grow back, but the crown will serve as a replacement for lost enamel.

Taking Impressions of Your Smile

Directly after preparing the tooth, the dentist will take impressions of your smile. This can be done using digital imaging. The dentist uses the impression to construct a custom crown that will fit your unique tooth.

They build the crown in an on-site dental lab according to the size, shape, and color of your smile. This ensures a comfortable fit as well as a gorgeous, natural-looking finish. The process usually takes a few weeks to complete, so a dentist can give you a temporary crown over the tooth in the meantime.

Attaching the Ceramic Crown

You will return to your dentist’s office once your permanent dental crown is ready. The dentist can remove the temporary fixture with ease and then place the crown over the tooth. They seal it into place using dental cement.

A final polish completes the process and gives you beautiful results. The dentist checks your bite before you leave the office, making sure that the new fixture will not disrupt your oral function.

Follow aftercare instructions from your dentist to ensure you get the best benefits from this treatment. With proper care, the dental crown can remain in place for fifteen years without issue.