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When to Visit Your Dentist’s Office

From the moment we begin growing baby teeth in infancy, we start going to the dentist for regular appointments. But as we reach adulthood, we begin to wonder if seeing the dentist outside of an emergency is worth disrupting our busy schedules.

Your dentist provides crucial preventative dental care at these routine appointments. So you should keep attending these visits as directed by your dental professional if you want your smile to look and feel its best. Read on to learn more about the importance of visiting your dentist on a daily basis.

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What Happens During a Routine Dental Check-Up?

During a routine dental appointment, a dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth. Though you may practice diligent oral hygiene at home, there will be hard-to-reach spots where you cannot remove all the plaque in your smile. If plaque remains, it will eat away at your teeth, leaving you vulnerable to many dental dangers.

Your dentist will also examine your smile for signs of dental problems like cavities or gum disease. They will check your teeth and your gums for any concerns and offer swift treatment if they see anything. These issues are easier to treat when caught early. So this type of preventative care can best preserve your natural smile.

How Often Should I Schedule Dentist Appointments?

For an average dental patient, a dentist will recommend scheduling a routine dental check-up every six months. This creates the ideal window where a dentist can remove lingering plaque before it hurts your smile. They can also catch looming dental problems before they advance and cause irreversible dental damage.

However, some patients may need to visit their dentist for this care more frequently. For instance, senior-aged patients, those with a higher propensity for tartar formation, and patients with underlying medical conditions might need to see their dentist three or four times a year. Consult with your dentist to find the treatment plan that best suits your unique smile.

What Do I Do During a Dental Emergency?

Even with the best preventative measures in place, you might sustain an accident that hurts your teeth or gums. If you suffer an injury or another dental problem before your next routine appointment, do not wait to tell your dentist.

Call your dentist during a dental emergency. They will likely ask you to come to their office for an urgent appointment to repair the issue and restore your smile.

You do not have to remain in pain or discomfort if something has changed in your oral health. The problem may worsen if you delay treatment, so call your dentist for emergency care as soon as you can.

If a tooth gets knocked out, time may be of the essence if you want to save the tooth and reattach it in your mouth. You can save yourself from more costly dental work this way as well. Follow instructions from your dentist over the phone to care for your smile until you attend this appointment.