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Should I Call My Dentist?

We schedule appointments with our dentists every six months for routine cleanings and exams. This type of preventative care can help you avoid advanced dental concerns that could require restorative dental treatments.

However, sometimes you develop symptoms that may need attention from your dentist in between these regular appointments. Claremont Dental Institute, a dental practice located in Claremont, CA, describes three scenarios where you may want to consider calling your dental professional for an evaluation.

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Gum Concerns

Periodontal disease does not always have noticeable symptoms, which is why routine dental exams are crucial to good gum health. However, if you notice swollen, sore, or bleeding gums, then you should have your gums checked by your dentist. These could signify periodontal disease.

Untreated gum disease could create severe, irreversible dental problems, such as tooth loss. The disease is easier to manage and eliminate when caught early, so you should speak to your dentist if you notice any issues.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you experience a jolt of pain when biting into a cold or sugary food, then you may have tooth sensitivity. This sensation occurs when the surface of a tooth, enamel, erodes and exposes underlying dentin. When the nerves in the dentin are stimulated, they send pain signals to the brain and we experience tooth sensitivity.

Even if you consider sensitivity pain to be tolerable, you should talk to your dentist if you experience it. The condition could be a symptom of a larger dental issue that will require dental intervention. Also, eroded enamel cannot regrow, and your dentist may need to provide specific treatment to alleviate this pain.

Bad Breath

Bad-smelling breath can occur in the best of us if we eat garlicky foods or relax dental hygiene. If the issue becomes chronic, you may suffer from a more serious dental problem.

Halitosis usually occurs when lingering food particles interact with saliva and begin to decay. Persistent bad breath may point to tooth decay, advanced gum disease, or an underlying medical condition.

Claremont Dental Institute offers both preventative and emergency dentistry services to patients in Claremont, CA. Contact us online or reach out to our office by phone at 909-277-6919.