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Are My Headaches Caused by Dental Problems?

If you’re suffering from frequent headaches, there could be any number of explanations. One of these could be an issue with TMJ or your temporomandibular joint. TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, can be an extremely painful condition. If you need a solution for your headaches in Claremont, CA, Claremont Dental Institute may be able to help.

headaches in claremont, california

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMD is caused by damage or misuse of this particular joint. Many people experience it because of grinding or clenching their teeth at night while they sleep. This is also known as bruxism. TMD can also be caused by an injury to the area or stress. This causes the muscles in the area to tense up, often causing debilitating pain.

How Can I Tell if TMD is Causing My Pain?

Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorder, especially if you experience them immediately upon waking up in the morning. You may also notice facial pain that doesn’t go away or tension in your face and jaw. TMD can also cause pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders and numbness in the face. Lastly, many patients experience clicking in the jaw

Headaches may easily be the first thing you notice. Make sure you take note of when you’re experiencing them and their severity. Reading this may jog your memory, and you may realize that you’ve been waking up with a weird feeling in your face, as well as pain and tension in certain muscles.

What Treatments are Available for TMJ Disorder?

Unfortunately for TMD sufferers, this condition isn’t easily treatable by over the counter medication. If you’ve been trying this option for your pain and it isn’t working, that’s another signal that you may have TMJ disorder.

At Claremont Dental Institute, we’ll use technology and analysis to determine the underlying cause of your condition. One of our specialized dentists will take a thorough look at your bite, teeth, and jaw. You’ll be asked about your habits, lifestyle, and what you prefer when treatment is taken into consideration. 

The most common treatment is with a customized mouthpiece. Similar to a mouthguard, this is worn at night when you go to sleep. It doesn’t allow the upper and lower jaw to grind together. This means that your muscles can relax and release the tension they’ve been holding in. The mouthpiece is fit to your mouth, making it a comfortable device that you won’t mind wearing while you’re sleeping.

Your dentist will also talk to you about the best stress management techniques to suit your lifestyle. Utilizing meditation and other exercises in your life can have a big impact on TMD. Your muscles will be able to relax more and we can work on getting rid of the habit of clenching your jaw.

Treating Headaches in Claremont, California

With our thorough approach at Claremont Dental Institute, we’ll get to the bottom of what’s causing your headaches and pain. We also offer restorative dentistry options for patients whose teeth grinding and clenching has led to breakage or other dental issues. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!