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Why Not To Fear Tooth Extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions are the most common tooth extractions that happen year after year. Just about every single person in their late teens and early twenties will have to deal with the extraction of their wisdom teeth. It is a rarity these days to have enough room in your mouth to accommodate your wisdom without having any issues.

Another reason that you may have to have a tooth extracted would be severe damage to a tooth that is unrepairable.

Should I Fear Having One Or More Teeth Extracted?

No, you should not fear tooth extraction. Now, if it was the 1970s or 1980s, then maybe you could have some fear of having a tooth extracted. Fortunately, due to advancements in modern dentistry, tooth extraction is a simple, safe process. We have many options to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the tooth extraction procedure. We have the ability to use a local anesthetic, laughing gas, or even full anesthesia for a complicated tooth extraction.

Our office will keep you informed about what is going on, why you need a tooth extraction, and what will happen if you do not have the tooth extraction. Being informed is crucial for the patient, so they fully understand what is going on and why.

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Claremont Dental Institute provides personalized cosmetic consultations and tailored treatment plans to address necessary tooth extractions. To learn more about your options for tooth extractions, contact our office at (909) 675-0450 or request your consultation using our online form.